Happy Homestead / Bluebird Botanical Plant Sanctuary

Happy Homestead / Bluebird Botanical Plant Sanctuary

The energy is high on this Ozark mountain top. There are many native medicinal plants…Self heal, Bloodroot, Golden Seal, etc. The Deva guide gardens are happy here.

My husband, Scott and I have lived lightly on these 19 acres of mostly woods. Over the last 26 years, we have watched as the electric company has changed our tunnel of tree and plant to a regulated 2 lane country road. I have foraged on our land, using the native gifts as medicine for myself, my pets and my family. I see the Butterfly weed, Goatsbeard, and Mayapple population dwindle.

My goal is to keep Happy Homestead/Blue Bird Botanical Farm a sanctuary where it is safe to make my simple tinctures and salves freely. It is my hope to hold classes in tincture and salve making, along with co-creative organic gardening and appreciation for nature spirits, and the joys of “less is more ” homesteading. Juggling all that life sends us along with work, gardens, maintenance, and play is the dance for all of us.

Stewarding this beautiful Ozark Mountaintop is a gift of grace. If I can save one little corner of green on this planet, then I feel like I’ve been true to my Souls work.
~ Donna Bree Thompson

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