Our Location

In Historic Downtown Eureka Springs – 75 Mountain Street

HealthWorks is conveniently located in the heart of Eureka Springs, on the corner of Mountain Street (which connects with Spring Street near the Post Office) and White Street (on the Upper Loop/Hwy 62B as it winds its way toward the Crescent Hotel).

For Appointment:
Call – (479) 253-7977

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Historic Landmark

sign-wellness-centerThe well-loved Alice Coleman owned and operated “Alice Coleman’s Bath Salon For Ladies and Gentlemen” at 75 Mountain Street from 1954 to 1976. As a young nurse, Alice offered rejuvenating massage and steam baths.

During her long span as a healer, Alice endeared herself to many Eureka Springs residents including Irene Castle, a famous dancer thought to be the “Ginger Rogers” of her day.

The healing continues at HealthWorks Massage & Wellness Center – like our Guardian Angel Alice, we strive to bring balance to our clients.